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Kenmore Washer Parts and Info for the DIY’er!

Washing machines always break down when you least expect them to.  It seems to happen when your family has 4 loads of laundry that need to be clean the next day.  Luckily for you, we can provide everything you need to know about Kenmore Washer Parts and Repair. Not only will we help you find the best repair information, we will also show you where to get the best deal on any Kenmore Washer Parts.  With the help of several Kenmore Washer diagrams and superior Kenmore Elite Washer parts, you can have your Kenmore Washer repairs finished for those family clothes that need washed for tomorrow.

Where do I find Kenmore Washer Diagrams

You can often find diagrams inside your Kenmore washer manual.  If weren’t included, or perhaps you lost the manual, you can always do a search on Google for ‘Kenmore washer manual <your washer model number>’.  Make sure you replace <your washer model number> with your appropriate Kenmore washer model number.  This search typically results in several sites that are providing diagrams that are applicable to your Kenmore washer.  Diagrams showing all Kenmore Clothes Washer parts will help identify both the location of the parts and give an indication of what function they provide.  Sometimes the Kenmore washer manual also supplies minor troubleshooting steps and the resulting Kenmore Elite Washer parts to replace.

Kenmore Washer PartsShould I perform the Kenmore Washer Repair myself?

This really depends on if you can troubleshoot the washing machine.  There are many websites that can help with this.  One of our favorites is ApplianceAid.  They walk you through troubleshooting the possible parts that could be causing the problem.  They also have user generated content where other Kenmore owners have shared their problems and solutions.  Often you will find an owner with the same symptoms you are currently having.  More often than not, they have already figured out which Kenmore Clothes Washer Part is the culprit.  Always remember, if you take advantage of free advice like this, you should post your own results to the community as well.  You never know when someone might benefit from your DIY Kenmore Washer Repair!  If you get in over your head trying to find the defective part, you can always tap out and pick up the phone and call a local repairman.

Should I be concerned if I need Kenmore Front Load Washer Parts?

There are several myths that imply that front loader washing machines are harder to work on.  This is completely false.  The thing to conscious of when you have a Kenmore Front load washer is that the seal has a habit of needing replacement.  The front load washing machines tend to put more stress on the rubber seal and reducing its lifespan.  As long as you know where to purchase Kenmore Front Load Washer parts, you shouldn’t worry a bit.

Which appliance outlet should I buy my Kenmore Washer Parts from?

You can always use the official Sears Parts site that is called PartsDirect.  We don’t recommend them due to the fact that they are usually a lot more expensive than the other main part wholesalers.  When shopping for Kenmore Washer parts, we STRONGLY recommend PartSelect.  We have used them for over 5 years and they consistently have the best price and warranty compared to the other part retailers.     Another really nice feature Partselect has is the Virtual Repairman.  It guides you through some of the common troubleshooting steps to diagnose your faulty Kenmore Washer parts.